The Breakaway Stick

Keep your beverage hot and prevent spills without the concern of plastic leeching into your drink!

  • 2-in-1 Stir Stick and Plug
  • Perforation Separates Stir Stuck from Plug
  • Keeps Plastic Out of a Drink
  • Easy to Manufacture
  • Great Advertising Opportunity


Design Patent # D859,048

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jennifer Murphy of Pinecrest, FL has designed a perforated stir stick with plug to prevent spills and keep a beverage hot, while eliminating the chance of plastic leeching into the drink.

There's been concern regarding the use of plastics with hot products and the possibility of harmful components leeching into the food or drink. Most stir sticks are made of a plastic-based material and whenever Jennifer would order a hot drink, it would usually come with a stir stick plug. As a cancer survivor, she is now very conscious of her environment and the impact it has on our health. While she loves a hot beverage, she does not like to leave the stir stick/plug sitting in her hot tea. In fact, she generally will not use it at all. However, this means her beverage cools off quickly and sometimes spills or splashes in the car. These issues led to her clever new design: The Breakaway Stick!

The invention is a 2-in-1 stir stick and plug. It adds functionality to an existing product by adding a perforation. Now a stir stick can be separated so the plug can be used without the stirrer remaining in the to-go cup.

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