The BoB Stop

A deployable wheel chock that is mounted to the frame of a trailer, so you can park it on an incline without worry of it rolling away!

  • Simple to Use
  • Safe and Secure
  • Innovative
  • Easy to Store
  • Original Equipment or Great Aftermarket Item


Utility Patent #10,960,857

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Badeana Weddle of Conway, MO has created a deployable wheel chock that is mounted to the frame of a trailer.

Wheel chocks are wedges that slide beneath the wheels of various stationery vehicles to keep them from shifting or rolling away. They are perfect for use while loading and unloading vehicles, performing routine maintenance, and parking. They are even required by law in many instances. However, wheel chocks are somewhat difficult to place, being that the user must often crawl upon the ground. In addition, storing the chocks is difficult since they are so bulky. This is especially true when used for trailers where there is a limited space to store them. In turn, Inventor Weddle has created the BoB Stop!

The invention is selectively placed against a trailers tires. Multiple chocks can be mounted to the trailer frame, so each tire has a chock for increased safety and security. When not in use, the chocks are simply stowed under the frame of the trailer until needed again. While created especially for boat trailers, the device can be used with other types of trailers as well. The invention can be offered as original equipment, or it will make a great aftermarket item!

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