The Blox

The box that blocks!

  • Used To Secure Delivered Packages That Are Left in An Unattended Location
  • Placed On or By Front Porches, Garages, Side Doors, or Similar Locations
  • For Use by All Delivery Personnel
  • Holds Small to Extra-Large Packages
  • Can Be Used at Residential and Business Locations


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tommy C. Lipps, Jr. of Las Vegas, NV has developed a secure lockable container for packages that are delivered to an unattended location.

Living in an apartment, a lot of foot traffic would go past Tommys front door. With packages delivered quite often, there was always the risk of theft. With 1.7 million people getting packages stolen on a daily basis, Tommy knew the time for a solution was now. In turn, he created Blox: the box that blocks!

But how does it work? Easy-to-handle panel extensions with 90-degree angles on the ends slide out from the back of the box to fit perfectly onto the door and in the door frame. Leaving the top lid open, once the package is delivered, the driver closes the lid and the box locks from the inside. The panels are connected to extension springs, which connect to hooks that lock the box from the inside. The only way to open it is to unlock the door and recess the panels, which unlocks the top. Once the package has been retrieved, the box folds down flat for easy storage. The invention does not need to be permanently attached to the front of a house. It can be stored away until needed.

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