The Almajean Flower Protector for Cemeteries

Protects flowers or mementos at the gravesite from unauthorized removal or theft.

  • Locks in Place
  • Still Allows You to See Things
  • Guards Items from the Elements
  • Eliminates Worry
  • Universal


Utility Patent - 11,540,454

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John R. Kowalski of Clovis, CA has created a new device for protecting special items at the gravesite from unauthorized removal or theft.

After a loved one is buried, flowers or mementos are often brought to the gravesite in memory of the deceased. Unfortunately, these items can be lifted as soon as you turn away. When the flowers he left at his wifes grave went missing, John realized enough was enough. He knew there had to be a smarter way. In turn, he developed the Almajean Flower Protector for Cemeteries!

Users will simply put dry flowers or other items in the protector, turn the provided key, and push down. As the key is turned, the base legs will come out to lock the invention in at the base of a headstones cement hole. The protector is also universal, as some headstones do not have a cement base or holes to put the product in to attach it. In addition to protecting items from theft, the invention will also guard them from the elements.

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