The Adjustable Jacked Ladder

Now you can adjust the positioning of your ladder without having to climb down and back up again!

  • - Features Chain-Driven Casters at the Base of the Ladder
  • - Enables You to Safely Move Backwards and Forwards
  • - Lockable Brakes
  • - Saves Time and Effort
  • - Large Storage Container Can Be Positioned at Different Spots on the Ladder


Utility Patent - 11,560,755

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Yakov I. Kuzmin of Homer, AK has created a handy new device that lets you adjust the positioning of your ladder without having to climb down and back up again.

As someone who works a lot on ladders, Yakov found all the up and down very annoying. He would do a little bit of something, climb down the ladder, move it forward a few feet, and repeat. He just knew there had to be an easier and more productive way of using a ladder. Once, when he was on the top of a ladder working, instead of getting off, he moved it forward with his body. It saved time and effort, but it was extremely dangerous for him, as well as damaging to the ladder. However, Yakov knew he was onto something. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Adjustable Jacked Ladder!

The invention features a crank at the top of the ladder that when rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, allows a user to move backwards and forwards thanks to chain-driven casters at the base of the ladder. Each caster has lockable brakes, as safety is of paramount importance when working up high. But what about the items you need while up on the ladder? A large storage container is affixed to the front of the ladder. It can be positioned at different spots on the ladder to help out at whichever height you are working on.

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