Text Tips

No longer will your manicure get in the way of texting!

  • Nail Tip for Your Thumb Nail
  • Fits On Top of Your Sculpted or Press on Nail
  • Acts As a Stylus Tip
  • Made From Silicone or Similar Material
  • Various Nail Shape Tips Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Deirdre Ann Banks of Houston, TX has designed a nail tip for easy texting with long nails.

Although a fan of sculptured nails and press on nails, Deirdre would find it difficult to text on her cell phone while wearing them. She knew many others felt the frustration, too. Deirdre imagined being able to slide a stylus onto the tip of her sculptured thumbnail for easy texting without using her thumb. With this idea in mind, she was inspired to create Text Tips!

The invention is envisioned to be made from silicone or a similar material. The tip was designed to fit comfortably on top of your sculpted or press on thumb nail. It acts as a stylus tip, so texting will be a breeze! Various nail shape tips are possible.

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