Tengu Tape Carrier

An all-in-one tape dispenser kit that combines the best features of both types of dispensers for quick, easy, and efficient packing!

  • Functions As Both a Handheld Dispenser and Desktop (Wall Mounted) Dispenser
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Can Hold Tape Cores From 2" to 4" Depending on Your Packing Needs
  • Great for One-Handed Taping
  • Wide Range of Uses in Many Businesses or At Home


Utility Patent - 11,702,310

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Christina Ogunade of Pacoima, CA has created an all-in-one tape dispenser kit that combines the best features of both types of dispensers.

Tapes and corresponding dispensers on the market are usually sold based on use and the size of the tape core. Most of the desktop dispensers serve their purpose. However, many do not allow for one-handed tape dispensing. When considering manual dispensers, they are usually ergonomically difficult to handle. It can also be hard to load or keep the tape roll on the dispenser. To counter these issues, Christina was inspired to develop the Tengu Tape Carrier!

The invention includes a handheld dispenser and a desk- or wall-mounted base holder. The handheld model can be used for one-handed taping. It can then snap into the base holder to transform it into a stationary dispenser for quick, easy, and efficient packing. The tape carrier is adjustable and can hold tape cores from 2" to 4" depending on your packing needs.

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