Temporary Tattoo and Body Paint Kiosk

Make your customer experience memorable by connecting memories to images!

  • Choose a Tattoo and Watch While It’s Being Printed
  • Prints Directly onto the Arm
  • Colorful, Safe, Reliable
  • Creates Memories, Conversations, and Repeat Customers
  • For Use at Theme Parks, Sports Games, Tourist Attractions, Weddings, Clubs and Bars, Tattoo Parlors, and More


Utility Patent #10,621,812

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Patrick McNenny of Redwood City, CA has created a tattoo kiosk printer that is capable of printing high-quality images directly onto a consumers forearm. Youve never seen tattoo images applied like this before!

Lets face it, having a business is all about connecting with consumers and creating deeper bonds. Businesses can now enhance that experience with the Temporary Tattoo & Body Paint Kiosk!

With this product, customers will choose a tattoo and watch while its being printed! A menu list of images can reflect a business brand, logo, and values. Images can even be changed daily to promote special events, or customers could upload their own images. This will make a customers experience more memorable. The kiosk would be ideal for use at theme parks, sporting events, tourist attractions, weddings, restaurants, clubs, tattoo parlors, and more.

Want to learn more about the Temporary Tattoo & Body Paint Kiosk? Contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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