Teleklaxon/Vehicle Alert System

A vehicle alert system similar to a horn, but without the inherent problems of noise pollution.

  • RF Transmitter System Activated by Steering Wheel Switch
  • Signals Matching Receivers in Other Nearby Vehicles
  • Speaker on Interior of Receiving Vehicle Indicates the Direction of the Alert
  • Temporarily Disables Audio Entertainment Systems to Ensure Warning Signal is Heard
  • Bright Front-Mounted Purple Light Will Also Alert Pedestrians
  • Enhanced Models May Use a Dash-Mounted Panel with LED Indicators


Utility Patent - 11,458,889

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Curdy F. Angrand, Je-Andy Angrand, and Pascal Louis Andre Anglade of East Stroudsburg and Allentown, PA have created a vehicle alert system similar to a horn, but without the inherent problems of noise pollution.

Having spent most of his life working as a driver, Inventor Curdy F. Angrand experienced many situations in which a horn was abused and caused stress among pedestrians, neighborhoods, and quiet institutions. Not only is noise pollution like this annoying, it causes accidents, road rage, fighting, and even crime. He was also in situations where the horn was needed but was prohibited in the area. In turn, alongside Inventors Je-Andy Angrand and Pascal Louis Andre Anglade, the team was inspired to develop a vehicle alert system called Teleklaxon.This is an RF transmitter system that is activated by a steering wheel switch, which in turn signals matching receivers in other nearby vehicles. Upon activation, receivers on other equipped vehicles will detect the direction of the alert. A single board computer will then activate a respective speaker on the interior of the receiving vehicle to indicate the direction of the alert. Enhanced models may also use a dash-mounted panel with LED indicators. The invention will disable any audio entertainment systems in the receiving vehicle, thereby ensuring that the warning signal is heard. A bright front-mounted purple light would also alert pedestrians to potential danger.

Teleklaxon works to save lives by making drivers more alert and allows for less distractions, all while helping to restore the peace and eliminate noise pollution that causes issues such as stress and road rage.

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