Tear 'n Save Space

An innovative new space-saving food container.

  • Reduces a Carton/Container in Size
  • Saves Valuable Space in the Fridge, Freezer, or Cabinet
  • Gives a Quick Visual Signal of How Much Product is Left
  • Promotes Freshness and Preservability
  • Different Shapes Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nadine Ross of Dublin, CA has created an innovative new space-saving food container.

Cartons provide safe storage for food items around the kitchen. However, when items are removed from the carton, these cartons do not reduce in size. Nadine would have a half gallon of ice cream in her freezer and when she would open it, there would only be 2 inches of ice cream left. This was very frustrating to her. She then started thinking of a way the ice cream carton could be collapsible or split apart. Not only would this make more room in her freezer, but it would also indicate that there was not much ice cream left. Nadine knew this idea could be applied to other types of cartons that take up a lot of space like cottage cheese, oatmeal, or potato chips. Other industries besides the food industry could even benefit from a collapsible container. With this in mind, she was inspired to develop a new food container called Tear 'n Save Space!

After placing the "Tear 'n Save" strip on a carton or container, you can now reduce its size by removing the top section and refitting the lid to the smaller lower section of the container. This will not only reduce space in your fridge, freezer, or cabinet, but it also will give a quick visual signal of how much product is left, so you will know exactly when it is time to restock! In addition, the smaller carton reduces the airspace that comes in contact with the product inside, which may contribute to freshness and preservability.

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  1. Terry Arellano

    What a brilliant invention! This will save my ice cream from freezer burns and save space in my freezer! Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  2. Chris

    The “Tear ‘n Save Space” is a great way to save space in your freezer or pantry. At a glance you can see what amount of food you have left and when you need to go shopping! I recommend this product.

  3. Abby Rise

    This is a wonderful idea, brilliant.

  4. I Maria Morales

    This sounds like a very interesting product. I would definitely find this very helpful once it’s in the stores!

  5. Julie M

    I’m so excited to try this very practical & much needed product! This would be especially helpful while traveling in an RV where space is limited!

  6. Jeff Lang

    What a creative, innovative way to provide more visibility while reducing bulk, in your kitchen and in the landfill. Nice work!

  7. Marilyn C

    Why hasn’t this been created years ago?! Fantastic idea!!

  8. Rachel

    How awesome!! And you aren’t creating extra waste because the whole carton would have been thrown away anyhow… Certainly would keep your product fresher!!

  9. Jeff Lang

    What an innovative, creative way to save space and provide more visibility. Like solution could be applied to other packaging. Nice work!

  10. Shannon Anderson

    I haven’t used the product but after seeing how it works it seems like an excellent product! Especially if you live in an apartment or dorm room. Definitely a must buy!

  11. Simone Stampfer

    Excellent idea, Nadine!

  12. Tracy Ardito

    Great idea, wow! You have always aspired and I will say Congratulations!

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