Tavernier Internal Combustion Engine

A must-have for the trucking industry and big cargo industries such as shipping, rail, and farm equipment.

  • Better Efficiency Than Conventional Internal Combustion Engines
  • No Camshaft, No Springs, No Valve Lifters
  • Higher Torque on the Crankshaft
  • Lower Vibration, Lower Maintenance, and Better Engine Braking
  • Can Be Used with Gas and Natural Gas


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jonathan Tavernier of Strasburg, VA has developed an internal combustion engine equipped with a tubular roller valve and a fuel injector assembly. It is set to become an essential addition for industries involved in trucking, as well as for major cargo sectors including shipping, rail transport, and agricultural machinery.

But how does it work? The assembly for the fuel injector is designed with a tubular outer insulator featuring holes, and a similar inner insulator also with holes. A rotatable tubular valve, positioned between the inner and outer insulators, showcases holes in a staggered layout. Each fuel injector is attached to one of the initial fixed holes on the tubular outer insulator. This design allows for the rotation of the tubular valve to sequentially supply fuel to only one fuel injector at a time.

This engine distinguishes itself from traditional internal combustion engines with valves through several key benefits: the elimination of camshafts, springs, and valve lifters, leading to improved efficiency, a higher torque output on the crankshaft, reduced vibration, less maintenance, and superior engine braking. Additionally, the use of mechanical fuel injections sidesteps the need for electronic systems. This engine is versatile and compatible with both gasoline and natural gas. It can also be used for diesel applications.

The Tavernier Internal Combustion Engine is now ready for market! Be the first to contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!

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