Tailgate Lock Controller

The Tailgate Lock Controller lets users lock or unlock their pickups tailgate with the press of a button!

  • Wireless
  • Operated by Key Fob or Keypad
  • Easy to Install
  • Protects Items or Tailgate Itself from Being Stolen
  • Saves Time and Effort


Utility Patent #10,286,873

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Kevin Krush and Darcy Cummings of Antioch, CA have created a way for a pickups tailgate to be locked with the press of a button!

One particular aspect of pickup truck operation that is different from a conventional motor vehicle is the tailgate. Since the bed is open, a locking system on the tailgate is truly needed. While some manufacturers may provide a manual locking system that requires a key, a remote wireless locking system for the tailgate is whats really needed. Without it, personal items, aftermarket items, or even the tailgate itself can be stolen. Any passerby can simply open the tailgate, release a few pins or latches and walk off with it. Drivers must lock or unlock the tailgate every time which is in sharp contrast to the convenience provided by wireless key fobs which provide access to the cab.

In turn, Inventors Krush and Cummings were inspired to create the Tailgate Lock Controller! Now remote locking and unlocking of a pickup truck tailgate is possible by use of a wireless key fob or keypad!

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