Tailgate Indicator Light

Visual indication that a pickup truck tailgate in the down position.

  • Wireless Bluetooth® Signal
  • Easily Seen by Driver
  • Provides Peace of Mind
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Rugged; Made to Last


Utility Patent #10,556,539

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Trevor Garry Brown of Canada has created a device that will provide visual indication when a pickup truck tailgate is in the down position.

While cars provide indication through an illuminated dome light, it is often difficult to know the position of ones tailgate, especially if a bed cover or cap is in place. Many people may drive down the road with their pickup truck tailgate down, causing objects to fall out. Now drivers must stop, get out of the truck, walk around back, check the status of the tailgate, and then get back in. This of course wastes valuable time. In turn, Inventor Brown was inspired to create the Tailgate Indicator Light!

The rear tailgate area is provided with a sensor that is easily installed in the location of an existing bolt. This sensor communicates via Bluetooth to a smart phone or high intensity indicator light that illuminates when the tailgate is in the down position. This visual indication will provide peace of mind, while also doubling as a safety feature to tell you if someone is opening the tailgate. It will be rugged and made to last.

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