Tailgate and Labor Saver

Closes the space between a tailgate and truck bed to keep debris from falling into the gap between the two.

  • Tailgate Bridge
  • Spring-Loaded Hinges
  • Keeps Debris, Snow, and Ice Out of Gap
  • Nearly Eliminates Cleanup
  • Strong and Durable


Utility Patent - 11,305,825

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kevin Juchmes of Malaga, WA has developed a gap prevention device to keep debris from falling into the space between ones tailgate and truck bed.

Tired of cleaning out the gap in between your box and tailgate? Not only is it a place for debris to collect, items you are carrying can get caught in there and become damaged. After cleaning out this space repeatedly, Kevin just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to create the Tailgate and Labor Saver!

This new gap prevention device features a tailgate bridge and a plurality of hinges. The hinges are screwed onto the tailgate bridge and the box of a vehicle. Once installed, the spring-loaded hinges with rubber boots will cause the tailgate bridge to slide into position. This will block any debris, snow, or ice from getting stuck - thereby saving you a lot of cleanup. It will also keep any items youre hauling from falling into the gap as well.

The Tailgate and Labor Saver has been successfully tested and now it is ready for market! Want to learn more? Be the first to contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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