Tactical Rack

A superior custom designed weapon holder that safely displays your weapons while also providing ready access to the firearm.

  • Wall-Mounted Showcase Piece
  • Displays Rifles, Assault Rifles, or Handguns
  • Features Clips and Retaining Devices
  • Magnet Lock for Child Safety
  • Stores Ammo or Attachments


Utility Patent - 11,607,039

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Timothy Thacker of Afton, VA has created a superior custom designed weapon holder that safely displays firearms while also providing ready access to the gun.

Owners of expensive or rare guns prefer to treat their guns as pieces of art and may wish to display them. However, with a firearm out in the open, it is then readily accessible to children, criminals, or other unauthorized individuals. As an eccentric gun owner with quite a bit of money tied up into his rifle, Timothy would only be able to store the gun in his safe. But he wanted to showcase it, as he considered his rifle to be a great conversation piece. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Tactical Rack!

The invention is a new firearm display rack. The rack features clips, retaining devices, and a magnet lock for child safety. It can also store ammo and attachments. Most notably, the rack gives a gun owner the opportunity to safely showcase a firearm in any room they desire.

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