User-friendly double-sided adhesive tape.

  • • Perforated Design
  • • Peel Off Backing
  • • Liftable Tabs
  • • Saves Time and Frustration
  • • Can Also Be Cut with Scissors or Knife if Needed


Utility Patent - 11,472,985

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Deborah M. Hunnicutt of Dickinson, ND has developed new double-sided adhesive tape with a perforated design and easy peel off backing with liftable tabs.

Double-sided adhesive tape is used in numerous industries and by do-it-yourselfers at home. Since the tape is double-sided, a removal backing layer must be used when it is initially manufactured and placed into a roll format. It is this backing that presents an inconvenience to many users, as it is very difficult to find an edge to allow it to be peeled off. For those with limited dexterity, it can be impossible. Deborah just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, she was inspired to create TAB IT!

During use, the tape can be cut by simply pulling along the perforation where it separates easily. A small tab located at the center of each perforation extends over the perforation line. When separated, the tab extends outward from the substrate where it can easily be grabbed. The full section of peel off backing is then able to be lifted away in seconds. It can also be cut with scissors or a knife if needed.

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Additional Information

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