T-pee Toilet Tank Liner

Keeping the bathroom clean is a tough job. The T-Pee Toilet Tank Liner is here to help.

  • Absorbent, Biodegradable Panel with Thousands of Micropores
  • Stops Urine from Splashing in Between Toilet Bowl and Tank
  • Holds Up To 20x Its Weight in Liquid
  • Releases A Built-In Fragrance
  • Changes Color When Replacement is Needed


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Marvalyn Gayle of Miami Gardens, FL has developed an absorbent panel that fits between a toilet bowl and tank to stop urine from splashing in between those two areas and spreading germs in a bathroom.

When a toilet bowl is missed, urine can easily get trapped between the bowl and the tank, where it is challenging to clean and ultimately leads to bad odors. With four males in her household, Marvalyn just knew there had to be a way to prevent urine from splashing all over. In turn, she was inspired to create the T-Pee Toilet Tank Liner!

The liner is made from absorbent, biodegradable material with thousands of micropores. These allow it to hold up to 20 times its weight in liquid without dripping for easy clean up. When wet, the panel releases a built-in fragrance and changes color, so you know when to change it.

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