System for the Efficacy of Overall Biological Health Care

A new teaching device for presenting an image of a patients medical information.

  • Offers a More Efficient Way of Delivering the Plan of Treatment to the Patient
  • Offers Solutions and Plans of Action
  • Shows the Long-Term Effects of the Treatment Selected
  • Enhances Procedures, Lab Testing, and Radiographs
  • Improves Understanding Between Patient and Medical Staff


Utility Patent Issued

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sheila D. Hall of Warren, MI has developed a teaching device that presents an image of medical information to improve patient understanding. This is medical technology at its peak performance!

As a provider of dental services, Sheila has always heard patients say, No one ever told me that. Her success as a dental professional has been through always listening to her patients to understand how they perceive data. The more they understand, the more acceptance they have before any surgeries or procedures. She also recognized that most people have no clue as to what is going on, or what is expected of them to care for themselves postoperative. And so, most patients fall short of taking medications properly, physical therapy, and the hygiene that is associated. From a pharmaceutical view, all medications that a person is taking can be viewed to show the effects on any particular person. Sheila foresees this invention to narrow the curve of error that is found frequently in medical and dental procedures. It will also give the patients a broader perspective and knowledge of what is happening to the body.

The invention not only provides a plan of action, but also provides the long-term effects of the treatment selected by the healthcare professional. The invention provides solutions and plans of actions to every specialist in the healthcare field. It will enhance procedures, lab testing, and radiographs that are usually the protocol to diagnosing a plan of action. Doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, and treatment plan coordinators will now have a more efficient way to deliver the plan of treatment to the patient and have them accept and understand what is actually going on in their bodies.

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  1. Sheila D Hall

    It is very comforting to know all the consequences of the concerns that are present in the diagnosis presented. As well as the consequences of the possibilities that may occur after treatment. May it be medication or the effects associated of a particular procedure administrated to cure the initial treatment. Having a full picture of complete treatment information, gives options and/or awareness to the initial condition.

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