Swivel Shaper

The Swivel Shaper is an attachment for a skid steer loader to assist in grading operations.

  • Makes Grading Operations Easier and More Efficient
  • Safe Alternative to Current Practices
  • Robust Enough to Handle Almost Any Terrain
  • For Use with All Makes of Skid Steer Equipment
  • Useful for All Types of Industry with Grading Needs


Utility Patent #10,704,224

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Evan Hauer, a second generation turf contractor from Moscow Mills, MO has created an attachment for a skid steer loader to assist in grading operations.

Skid steer loaders are very handy vehicles commonly used around farms, nurseries, and for general landscaping and maintenance. Many users attempt to use the bucket attachment for grading, however, such use typically generates unsatisfactory results and may even be a safety hazard when grading sloped areas. In turn, Inventor Hauer has created the Swivel Shaper!

This clever new attachment makes grading operations easier and more efficient. It is robust enough to handle almost any terrain. Its a safe alternative to current practices and can even replace manpower and extra equipment. This product is for use with all makes of skid steer equipment. It is useful for all types of industry with grading needs!

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