Sweet Swing

Want to achieve a Sweet Swing?

  • Clever Training Aid for Baseball and Softball Players
  • Gives Users a Center of Ball to Focus On
  • Hit the Ball Properly Every Time
  • Teaches Bat Control Through the Strike Zone
  • Adjustable to Suit a Player’s Height


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Charles Mirailh of Brooklyn, NY has created an innovative new batting training system.

After years of teaching private, group and team lessons, Inventor Mirailh witnessed hundreds of players making the same mistake when swinging off a tee. They would swing and hit the bottom or top of the ball. Sometimes they would even miss it completely. He knew it was because there was no focal point that would force them to concentrate on a certain area of the ball. In turn, he created Sweet Swing!

Users will take a baseball or softball and rest it on the bottom cup. They will adjust the top cup until it rests slightly on the ball. The hitter now has a clear idea of the center of the ball. They will be instructed to hit the ball in the center without the bat hitting or touching either of the cups holding it in place. This product not only gives players a focal point so they can hit the ball properly every time, it also teaches them bat control through the strike zone.

Want to learn more about this great training aid? Contact us NOW for additional information. You could manufacture or license this product today!


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