Surgical Organizer

Keep surgical instruments handy and sterile!

  • Faster and More Effective Setup
  • Instruments Are Easier to Find and Grasp During Surgeries
  • Reduces Movement
  • Maintains Sterilization
  • Provides for Better Patient Care and Safety


Design Patent #D799,059

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Latifa Self, a surgical technologist from Seattle, WA has created an important new device that will keep surgical instruments handy and sterile!

This invention will minimize surgical technologist tracks and reduce over-moving and touching of medical instruments. This will increase the efficiency of work and turnover in operating rooms. It will also play a role in decreasing infections because medical staff will now be able to grab the exact implement needed for a surgery, instead of having to sift through numerous ones first. The potential for airborne contamination increases with the length of time instruments are out, touched, and moved around. As a surgical technologist for over fifteen years, Inventor Self knows this organizer will be essential for ensuring that patients are getting the very best care possible.

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