Sure Pull

Allows for the repair of conveyor belts in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective!

  • Stretches and Aligns Belt for Splice Installation
  • Can Be Used Along with Belt Repair Clamps
  • No Need for a Multiple-Person Crew
  • Saves Time and Reduces Labor Costs
  • Has Been Tested on Clips of Varying Sizes
  • Can Also Be Used in Farming and All Fields that Use Conveyor Belts


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brett Hewell of Dripping Springs, TX has created a conveyer belt stretching tool that can be used along with belt repair clamps. Now, conveyor belts can be fixed in less than 2 minutes, thereby saving time and reducing labor costs!

Having spent over 30 years in heavy equipment operation, Brett has a unique perspective on the challenges of this kind of work. While employed as a foreman at a Texas mining site, Brett oversaw operations in the crushing pit. It was not uncommon for belts to break or need to be repaired weekly. During one repair, he was using the standards tools at his disposal: two come-a longs, four 2x4s, and straps. Installing the clips was laborious and typically would take him about two hours. He just knew there had to be a better way! With the time it takes to do the repair and to redirect labor while the belt is down, it seemed like this was a problem worth solving. Although clamps are great for repairing the belt, the time and energy it requires to install them on a broken belt is significant, resulting in lost dollars and productivity. In turn, he was inspired to develop Sure Pull!

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