Sure Lock

A better way to attach shaft-mounted devices!

  • Enhances or Replaces Typical Connection Formed by Keyways or Setscrews
  • Eliminates Sloppy Performance and Shaft Damage
  • Saves on Costly Repair Bills
  • Provides For Longer Periods of Operation Without Maintenance
  • Quick and Easy to Apply


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Thomas A. Murrell of Seattle, WA has developed a system and method by which gears, pulleys, and similar devices attach to a shaft with or without the use of keyways or setscrews.

While building a 4-stroke motor-driven bicycle, Thomas discovered the problem of being able to lock down a gear on a shaft. He arrived at a stopping point because of his past experience. He realized what was currently available was going to be a failure because of a set screw holding everything in place. He was not willing to accept it. He knew people should be able to go out and enjoy life without the worry of breaking down. Thomas was close to welding the sprocket to the shaft, when he suddenly realized there was a better way to lock the gear down to create a more dependable power transmission for the bicycle he was building. And so, he created Sure Lock!

The invention provides a better way to attach shaft-mounted devices. It has a split collar equipped with either two or four bolts designed to fit around a conventional keyway or setscrew connector, and a groove to hold the connector firmly in place. Tightening the bolts secures the connector, eliminating sloppy performance and shaft damage and preventing costly repairs. It is quick and easy to apply the invention with standard tools, making it ideal for retrofitting or repairing devices, as well as new designs.

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