Sun Shielder

A sun protective barrier for shielding your hand and arm from UV radiation while driving.

  • - Quick and Easy to Put On
  • - No Costly Sunscreen Needed
  • - No Sticky Slimy Feeling of Sunscreen
  • - Breathable
  • - Must-Have for Truck Drivers
  • - Also Great for Daily Drivers


Utility Patents - 11,304,464 & 11,304,465

Story Behind the Invention

One problem faced by those who spend a good portion of their day driving is excessive tanning to their left arm. While this is a cosmetic annoyance in most cases, routine exposure to UV radiation can result in burns and peeling and long-term exposure can result in skin cancer. While drivers can wear long sleeve shirts, they may become too hot throughout the day, especially during those scorching summertime months. Sunscreen can be applied, but it becomes costly over time, and many do not like the greasy feeling or smell of sun block. Others may be too stubborn to even use it. Now, there is another way!

The Sun Shielder is a sun protective barrier for shielding your hand and arm from UV radiation while driving. No costly sunscreen needed! The shield is quick and easy to put on. Once in place, your arm will still be able to breathe. After use, the shield is small enough to be stored virtually anywhere until needed again. There is simply no reason not to buy one today and start saving money, while protecting yourself for the future! This product will be a must-have for truck drivers and will be perfect for daily drivers, too.

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Additional Information

My name is Henry Green and I've been a truck driver for about 7 years now. When stopping at truck stops for fuel, we earn points that we can spend on whatever we want in your stores. Because of this, I go searching for gimmicks or toys that I think I need but don't really need. With points, it makes me think I am not really spending money. My invention is very practical for us - as truckers. I got tired of always getting sunscreen all over my window ledge and getting nasty slime over anything else I would touch. As a trucker, I would spend $35 to $50, depending on its materials. I believe my invention is worth millions of dollars to you. And the best part is, truckers like myself will think it's free!


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