Subfloor Protection

An innovative new toilet pan to prevent subfloor damage in the event of water leaks.

  • Simple Installation
  • Catches Water and Swiftly Drains It Away
  • Helps Protect Flooring from Water Damage and Rot
  • Also Protects Ceilings and Other Spaces Below
  • Allows For the Drain Connection to Be Repaired in A Non-Emergency Manner


Utility Patent - 11,788,269

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John Acker of Indianapolis, IN has created an innovative new toilet pan to prevent subfloor damage in the event of water leaks.

Water damage from faulty devices such as toilets can quickly turn into a household disaster. As a general contractor, John has seen this issue on every remodel and has had to repair hundreds of water damaged subfloors. Unfortunately, no one sees the damage a leaking wax ring can cause until it becomes an expensive repair. In turn, John was inspired to develop Subfloor Protection!

The invention is a damage-preventing toilet pan. During installation or replacement, simply place the pan between the floor and the toilet bowl. The drain line of the pan connects to the toilet drain through a trap or drains to another safe location. If the toilet leaks, the pan catches any water and swiftly drains it away without damaging the floor. Plus, your toilet repair is no longer an emergency job.

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