Strap Ease

The industry's first lightweight solution to securing flatbed trailer loads.

  • Easily Secures Cargo Without Risking Damage Due to Multiple Attempts, Weather, or Shifting
  • Assists in the Application of Load Straps, Tarps, Bungee Cords, Corner Protectors, and More
  • Saves Time and Frustration
  • Reduces Chance of Injury
  • Cost-Effective Design


Utility Patent - 11,752,922

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Andrew Galton of Canada has developed the industry's first lightweight solution to securing flatbed trailer loads!

Ratchet clamp down straps for securing objects are essential when compared to regular ropes. These straps provide great holding force, are easily tightened and loosened, and remain safely secured, even when subject to vibration, weather elements, and shifting loads. However, they are somewhat challenging to apply, especially over large objects. Plus, they can be difficult to throw over a load when weighted down with the remainder of the strap. This typically means many repeated tries, resulting in wasted time, higher costs, aggravation, and even possible safety/medical issues. In fact, their difficulty to apply means that an adequate number of them may not be used, resulting in a safety risk when a load is transported. These same problems exist when applying tarps, fastening down reels with chains, applying hard protective corners, and other similar processes. Andrew just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to create STRAP-EASE!

The invention features a series of interlocking extendable poles that connect to create a maximum length of 8 feet and 6 inches. Outfitted with an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort, the invention features a detachable spring-loaded clamp that quickly launches a load strap over any cargo that needs transported and down the other side of the truck. A detachable head has been designed to help position tarps or hold corner protectors. Another detachable head measures the load height, without the frustrations of just a tape measure. A non-removable loop of wire is vital for pulling chains under heavy equipment or vehicles, as well as pulling chains through the big cable reels. The invention also features a dual-ended hook for hassle-free installation and removal of bungee cords or transferring chain.

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