Stop The Drop Socket

Now you can tether a socket to its ratchet wrench!

  • Prevents Sockets from Coming Free from Ratchets and Falling
  • Prevents Injuries to Those Who May Be Working Below
  • Prevents Damage to Objects or Equipment Below
  • Saves Time and Effort by Not Having to Climb Down and Retrieve Tool
  • Must-Have for Anyone Working on Ladders or Lifts


Utility Patent - 11,911,889

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Edward K.P. Pascua of Kekaha, Kauai, HI has created a device that tethers a socket to its ratchet wrench. This will be a must-have item for anyone working on ladders or lifts!

Tethering tools is extremely important. If a tool falls from an elevated height, severe injuries or even death can occur should a person be hit. Falling tools can also damage surfaces and equipment below, resulting in costly repair bills. A hand tool that is commonly used is the ratchet wrench. Even if the wrench should be attached to a tether, the socket itself can accidentally fall off. Edward knew that sockets are difficult to tether due to their small size, tubular shape, and their need to rotate during use. But he was inspired to create the Stop the Drop Socket!

The invention features a rotating clip that slides in a groove above the base of the socket. The clip attaches to a thin metal cable tether with a crimped loop. The opposite end of the cable is attached to the socket handle with a quick release clip. This keeps the socket from falling more than a few inches. Using the device saves time for the worker and most importantly, helps keep people, equipment, and surfaces under the work area safe.

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