Stop Splasher

A removable toilet cover for construction toilets.

  • Adequately Seals a Portable Toilet as It Is Hauled
  • Prevents Spills When Traveling from One Job to the Next
  • Keeps Things Sanitary
  • Eliminates Frustration
  • Must-Have in the Construction Business


Design Patent - D938,564

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Luis Martinez has created a removable toilet cover for construction toilets. The cover was designed to adequately seal the contents inside to eliminate any spills as you travel from one job to the next.

While working in the construction industry, Luis quickly realized how frustrating it can be when a portable toilet splashes everywhere while being towed. When you are on a job, nobody has time to deal with that sort of mess. Luis just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to design the Stop Splasher!

The invention is an extra cover for a portable toilet. The cover seals the toilet while in transit and can be removed when needed. This will be a must-have in the construction business!

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