Stop Carjacking & Vehicle Theft

A new auto security device is now available.

  • Electric Shock Deters Carjacking or Vehicle Theft Attempts
  • Shock is Significant, But Not Life Threatening
  • High-Volume Alarm Attracts Attention
  • Powered By Vehicle Battery, The Device Can Be Activated Any Time the Vehicle is Running


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Unfortunately, carjacking has become the crime of choice. Inventor Marty Cohen of San Antonio, TX has created a new auto security device that is ready to take the market by storm.

But how does it work? This small device is installed on the inner side of both outside door handles. For anyone who tries to wrongfully enter the vehicle, the device will provide a significant electric shock to their hand. The shock is enough to deter the attempt, but is not life threatening. A high-volume alarm to attract attention can go off simultaneously. Powered by vehicle battery, the device can be activated any time the vehicle is running by pressing a large colored button on either the dashboard panel or on the drivers inner front door panel next to the handle. The combination of the shock and alarm will cause the attempted theft or carjacking to be foiled as the robber runs away.

The inventor realizes this carjacking package is not a cure-all solution for this major problem. However, since carjacking continues to be a popular crime of choice throughout the country, and can be attempted at any age, including minors, Inventor Cohen knows this product will surely have a positive result in deterring some carjacking attempts. Any attempts that are prevented is certainly a positive start.

The greatest benefactor of this device will be the auto insurance industry. Statistics confirm thefts or carjacking claims to be the primary and highest dollar amount of insurance company losses. In fact, it is known as the companys largest loss leader in almost every case.

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