Stix Card Game

The first player to match their hand of cards to their 7th stick wins!

  • 2 – 7 Players
  • Ages 10 and Up
  • 30 Minutes – 2 Hours of Game Play
  • Includes 3 Decks of Cards, 50 Secret Combination Sticks, Rules Sheet
  • Fun for the Whole Family



Story Behind the Invention

Age Limit: 10 Adult
Players: 2 to 7
Estimated Time of Play: 30 minutes 2 hours
Object of the Game: The first player to match their hand of cards to their 7th stick wins!

How to Play: Each player is handed 15 cards and picks a stick. The stick is only seen by its owner and is placed face down so no one else sees it. In a clockwise motion, each player can take a card from the facedown pile. If it helps their hand, they can keep it or place it in the discard pile. If there are cards in the discard pile, they can choose to take from that pile as well. However, only the top card can be used from the discard pile. If a player needs a card that is further down, they can take the whole pile, but must place one card back into the pile before the next players turn. Twos and jokers are considered wild cards. The object is for a player to match their hand of cards to the stick in front of them. Once they do, theyll turn over the stick and place the matching cards down. A player can also place down any minimum sets of 3, or runs of 3, to try and get rid of all their cards before they move onto the next round or play their cards on their opponents laid down cards. Free sticks allow a player to pick out a new stick to get closer to their 7th round. A player cannot use a free stick for the last round they must pick a new stick. If a player cant get their stick after 3 rounds, they can exchange the stick for a new one.

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