Stillwater Dispensing System

A refrigerator with an ice and beverage dispenser on both the front and back of the refrigerator

  • Increases Access and Efficiency
  • Allows More People to Be Served
  • No Waiting
  • Must-Have for Group Housing
  • Also Great for Offices, Airports, University Housing, Hospitals, and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Teresa Harris of Stillwater Dispensers LLC has developed a refrigerator with an ice and beverage dispenser on both the front and back of the refrigerator to increase access and efficiency.

In a residential setting, more generational families or large groups are living together in group housing. With this in mind, Teresa was inspired to create a way for more people to access the dispensers on a refrigerator. The invention is the reimagining of the typical front-mounted ice and water dispenser.

By placing dispensers on the side and/or back of the refrigerator freezer appliance, this creative design allows for more functionality and reduces crowding. Teresa knew if fridge units were placed in various locations, more people would be able to be served, rather than waiting at the fridge one person at a time. In a small apartment or kitchen, a side-mount would prove more beneficial for guests or children, rather than crowding into the kitchen to use a typical front-mounted dispenser. In homes with a kitchen counter bar, a person could simply reach over to the dispenser for a refill. A person on their way out for the day could fill their bottle from the back dispenser. Housing designs could even incorporate an open concept with this idea in mind. The same would be true at offices, airports, university housing, hospitals, and more.

Since its creation, Stillwater Dispensing Systems has been presented with several awards for innovation. Ready to learn more? Contact us NOW!


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