Stickerbacked Cardstock

Cardstock with an adhesive sticker backing.

  • Mess Free, Convenient, and Economic Medium for Creation
  • Negates the Need for Tape or Glue
  • Can Be Cut and Customized to Any Shape
  • Easy Peel Backing
  • Makes Endless Design Concepts Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Sarah Lowe's love for handmade cards, a tradition she shared with her mother since childhood, led to the creation of Stickerbacked Cardstock.

Her card designs have evolved from simple marker drawings to intricate collages of colorful paper, ribbons, and stamps. But this evolution brought challenges involving the assembly and attachment of the various dcor elements. Traditional adhesives like stick glue, white glue, and tape proved unreliable, messy, or disruptive to the design.

Her solution was Stickerbacked Cardstock, a mess-free, convenient, and economical medium that eliminates the need for additional adhesives. Perfect for card making, scrapbooking, children's crafts, school projects, office displays, and custom labeling, it can be cut and customized just like ordinary paper.

The product's genius lies in its easy peel backing which does not compromise the cut quality or the user's ability to remove it. It can be written on, trimmed, drawn on, and then easily attached to any surface, including other pieces of Stickerbacked Cardstock, regular paper, photos, poster boards, and more.

While the logistics of Stickerbacked Cardstock are straightforward, it's the user's creativity and imagination that bring endless possibilities. This innovative product has revolutionized the world of arts and crafts, offering a seamless way to assemble beautiful creations.


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