Steel Flat Top Rake

A new rake design with a flat top for pushing around and smoothing yard material.

  • All-in-One Yard Tool
  • Handle with Rubberized Grips
  • Durable and Prevents Slippage
  • Minimizes Hand Fatigue
  • Great for Handling Dirt, Sand, Mulch, Compost, Gravel, and Small to Medium Sized Rocks


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Wilbert St. Ange of West Palm Beach, FL has designed a new rake equipped with a flat top for pushing around and smoothing yard material.

The idea was born on a hot sunny day while working out in the yard with a regular rake purchased at a home improvement store. Wilbert turned the rake on its flat side to level a dirt pile that he had poured to fill a depression. Part of the dirt was hard and tough. He began to pound the dirt with the flat side of the rake and attempted to move the dirt around, but most of the dirt was passing through the teeth of the rake. This took a lot of time and made him wish for a rake with a taller flat top. He knew what he needed was about two more inches at the top of his rake. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Steel Flat Top Rake!

Place both hands at a comfortable level on the rubberized grips of the handle. While leaning forward with knees bent slightly, you will now be able to more easily push around or level material such as dirt, sand, mulch, compost, gravel, and small to medium sized rocks. To prevent hand fatigue, change hand positions every so often as you rake, break up dirt, and spread material around with ease.

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