Standalone Medical Stretcher

The Standalone Medical Stretcher provides bedridden patients a means to increase their comfort and dignity at a time they need it the most.

  • Provides Everything Needed to Treat Patients
  • Uses Technology to Improve Service
  • Protects Patient Privacy and Dignity
  • Helps Save Lives
  • Ideal For Use In Mass Casualty Events


Utility Patent #10,555,851

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ali Mousa Alahmari, an emergency physician has created a stretcher to hold critical life-saving equipment and supplies so emergency room personnel can intubate, electorate, cannulate, and resuscitate patients anywhere!

Traditional emergency stretchers are used for transporting patients but this clever new product has been changed to become a standalone unit. It provides the same comfort as before with new ideas to become a smart bed! Now medical professionals could even assist patients in a hallway if needed.

Objects can be stored in large drawers, on equipment shelves, on mounts, or in a patients own locker. A smart panel enables wireless electronic data entry and retrieval. Curtains can be hung to protect a patients privacy and dignity. Removable trash receptacles not only hold waste, but also sharp or bio-hazardous materials to help keep a patient area clean and safe.

Its complete emergency care wherever you need it! Contact us NOW to learn more about Inventor Alahmaris Standalone Medical Stretcher!


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