Spritz N Scour

A unique phone case designed to make sterilizing your phone quick and easy.

  • Made of Customizable, Durable Clear Plastic
  • Uses UV Disinfecting Light and Sanitizing Fluid Solution
  • Eliminates Germs, Bacteria, Viruses
  • Activates with Just the Touch of a Button
  • Pandemic Must-Have


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Zeinab Bazzi of Dearborn Heights, MI has created a mobile phone case with a double sterilizing system built directly into it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people, including Zeinab, extra cautious and careful when handling the most common items we possess daily, such as our cell phones. We place our phones on random surfaces, touch them with our hands or gloves, which are not always clean, and then place them directly on our cheeks and ears. Getting into the daily routine of sanitizing his cell phone each time he left the house and not reaching for it when he was out made him wish for an easy, sanitary way to access it. If there was a convenient way to sanitize a phone, people would then feel more confident about reaching for it when necessary, especially while running errands. In turn, Zeinab was inspired to develop Spritz N Scour!

This is a unique phone case designed to make sterilizing your phone quick and easy. Although it looks just like a regular phone case, it is made from a customizable, durable clear plastic with UV sanitizer disinfectant lights and a sterilizing liquid dispenser built right in. The case activates with just the touch of a button on the side. A lighting system lets you know once your phone has been disinfected and is safe to use again.

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