Spring Trap

A mechanical fishing lure with a magnet enabled retractable hook.

  • Keeps Debris and Old Fishing String Off the Lure
  • Fish Won’t Be Able to See Any Sharp Points Like Hooks
  • Lure Can Be Thrown in Thick Weeded Areas and Come Out with Nothing Attached
  • Lure Can Be Placed in a Tackle Box Without Tangling Other Lures
  • Hook is Removable
  • Will Attract the Most Experienced Bass and Any Other Type of Fish


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Danny Ray English of Caret, VA has created a new mechanical fishing lure with a retractable hook.

While talking with his brother and fellow fishing enthusiast, his brother stated he didn't think anyone could beat the idea of hiding a hook inside a rubber worm. Danny disagreed and was up for the challenge of outdoing this lure! His creation is a weedless/mechanical fishing lure that is sure to take the market by storm!

The invention presents itself to be realistic without any shiny objects. When cast, the lure can swim to the bottom on its own, as if feeding off the bottom. With the nose down and a slight tug, it takes the form of a feeding position. A fisherman can reel it inward and then let off for it to swim back to the bottom. Or, the fisherman can wind it faster and it will be closer to the surface. By being weedless, it is no threat to the older fish with experience. It appears to be an easy meal. When fish bite, a fisherman will simply increase the pull, or jerk the lure to set the hook. This will allow the hook to deploy and attach to the fish. When a fish is brought in, it will be easier to remove the lure by grabbing it and pushing inward. The mechanical design allows the hook to return by itself automatically. A fisherman will be able to insert this lure into any type of rubber bait.

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