Sport Sharc MPC Mechanical Powered Converter

This green technology allows one to convert physical activity into useable and storable electric energy.

  • Pedal Motion is Translated via the Front Axle and Rear Axle to the Electric Generators
  • Electricity Operates the Electric Motor or Can Be Saved for Later Use
  • Motor Chain will Transmit Torque to the Front Axle, Thereby Rotating the Front Wheels
  • User will Simply Step on the Accelerator Pedal, Steer, or Break
  • Can be Set Up and Enjoyed in Any Location Where Pedal Operated Vehicles are Permitted


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark T. Cotton of Chicago, IL has created a way to convert physical activity into useable and storable electric energy.

The energy demands of todays world far exceed those of the past. This increase in demand has caused energy prices to soar while simultaneously placing a strain upon the environment from which all forms of energy production find their source. With this in mind, Inventor Cotton was inspired to make a non-gas-powered vehicle. This green technology will benefit todays energy demands while also creating a new sport.

A user will simply sit on the seat and pedal the front S-crank. The pedal motion is then translated via the front axle and rear axle to the electric generators. Electricity produced by the generators can be utilized to either recharge the battery, thereby saving energy for later use, or to operate the electric motor. When operating the electric motor, the motor chain will transmit torque to the front axle, thereby rotating the front wheels. Before generating large amounts of power, torque should be switched to the rear wheels and the wheels should be propped on generator stands. Power will then be gained without pedaling, for energy or for storage automatically. When driven, a user will simply step on the accelerator pedal, steer, or break. The invention can be set up and enjoyed in any location where pedal operated vehicles are permitted.

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