This pool and spa caddy keeps your personal items close while protecting them from water damage.

  • Holds Personal Items at the Side of a Pool, Spa, or Hot Tub
  • Keeps Items Safe and Dry
  • Can Easily Be Repositioned for Convenience While You’re in the Water
  • Plastic Cover Protects Items from Getting Wet from Splashed Water
  • Towel Hanger for Drying Hands Before Touching Your Items


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Carol Hanna and Steve Stacey of Canada have designed a pool and spa caddy for keeping personal items dry and within reach.

The idea was born after missing an important phone call while in the pool. Carol was very upset, so she placed her phone on the pool ladder as she waited for the call back. However, she knew this was not a good spot for items like a phone that must stay dry. She also needed a place for her drink, cigarettes, or items like a watch. Typically, a person needs access to multiple things while in the pool or hot tub. There just wasnt a good location for them. Until now! Alongside Steve, the pair was inspired to create the SPOOL BUDDY!

The invention attaches to the side or rail of a pool, spa, or hot tub via a universal clamp system. Once in place, it easily accommodates a cell phone, beverage, cigarettes, or other personal items. To further its usefulness, it has a towel hanger, so you can dry your hands before touching your items. It is also provided with a plastic cover to protect the items from getting wet from splashed water.

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