Splash Safe Dental Shield

Protects dental professionals and their patients from sneezes that may carry germs and illness.

  • - Provides Clear Barrier Between Dental Professional and Patient
  • - Offers Clear Field of View for
  • Performing Dental and Hygiene Procedures
  • - Eliminates Need for a Head-Mounted Face Shield
  • for the Dental Professional
  • - Must-Have for a Dental Care Environment


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and orthodontist, Shawn Russett of Canada has created a dental shield for use in between patients and dental personnel to protect against sneezing that may transmit germs and illness.

The inspiration came from the immediate need for patient and clinician protection during the outbreak of COVID-19. Most clinicians are resorting to face shields or not using any protection. Face shields need to be changed between each patient and are restrictive to the clinician. This invention provides protection at every dental chair and is not restrictive at all. Normal protective equipment can be worn, as this invention adds the needed layer of protection from biohazard.

The invention connects to a standard dental chair or light stand and articulates overtop the patient to provide a clear physical barrier between the dental professional and the patient. It eliminates the need for the dental professional to wear a protective face shield while offering improved protection from spatter and other debris created from routine dental hygiene and orthodontic procedures. It allows the professional to work in an environment free from the incumbrance of head or body mounted face shields. In our current environment, this is a great way to offer both patient and dental-professional separation while managing to provide the optimal care we are all accustomed to delivering.

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