Splash Guardian

Protects from urine splash at the urinal.

  • Sanitary Solution
  • Less Mess
  • Keeps Pants, Shoes, and Floors Clean
  • Easy to Apply and Remove
  • Designed to Fit All Urinals


Design Patent # D850,343

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Vincent T. Mattice of Kansas City, MO has designed a urinal guard to protect shoes, pants, and floors from urine splash.

Bathrooms, especially public restrooms, are never as clean and sanitary as we want them to be. The constant splash from a urinal will not only wreck the cleanliness of a restroom, it will also get onto peoples shoes and have them walking around in it all day. Inventor Mattice just knew there had to be a way to prevent this frustrating issue. In turn, he designed the Splash Guardian!

This clever new invention applies by suction cups to the base of a urinal. Once the guard is in place, it will protect from urine splash and keep shoes, pants, and floors dry. This will nearly eliminate clean up! Daily application and removal of the suction cups is both simple and hassle-free. Whats more, this design will be able to fit all urinals. Yes, even the ones in your office or place of business!

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