Splash Grab

A clean and decorative way to keep water off your countertop.

  • Flexible, Absorbent, and Anti-Microbial
  • Thoroughly Soaks Up Water from Spills and Drips
  • Eliminates Dirt and Crud
  • Protects Your Grout and Caulk
  • Works with Any Size Faucet


Utility Patent - 11,306,466

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bradley Zwirn of Kenosha, WI has developed a decorative anti-microbial sponge that wraps around the base of a faucet to soak up any spills and drips from the countertop.

Between washing our hands and handwashing dishes, the kitchen sink gets a lot of use. Bradley was constantly wiping down the countertop around his faucet and his free-standing dispenser bottles. To combat the drips, he used a dishtowel to absorb the water, but he thought something more decorative was needed. In turn, he was inspired to create Splash Grab!

Splash Grab is a flexible, absorbent sponge with an internal spring. The device opens up, wraps around your faucet or dispenser bottles, and closes securely with magnets. Once in place, the invention catches any drips or spills to keep the countertop dry and free from dirt, soap scum, or stains. When needed, the invention is machine washable for convenience. Various colors are available to match your countertop.

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