Spice Shelf

The SpiceShelf you need, for the spices you use!

  • For the Spices you need…For the Spices you Use!
  • Wall Mount
  • Cabinet Mount
  • Counter/Table/Cooktop placement
  • Mountable/Detachable
  • Space Saver
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • No Tools Required for mounting


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Spice Shelf was created by an avid home chef. Cooking in the kitchen and getting out all your spices to prep your meal and then put them all back in the cabinet was a pain. Knocking over other spice bottles that I hardly use was a disaster in my cabinet. I have my favorite spices that I use on a daily basis.

So, to solve this problem with knocking over other spice bottles, looking for my favorite spices, and storing all them, along came Spice Shelf. A shelf that stores my favorite spices. Easy to grab all them at once, and just as easy to store them in my cabinet without knocking over other spice bottles. Spice Shelf makes prepping meals a lot easier now.

Additional Information

  • SpiceShelf is designed to hold the spices that you actually use! Long gone are the days of needing 12-24 spices at your immediate disposal. SpiceShelf holds your 6 most popular spices in a portable tray that's always at an arms reach away from food preparation. SpiceShelf is perfect for kitchen walls, pantry's or cabinets as well as outdoor kitchens, bar areas, tailgates, camping and RV's. Includes 6 clear spice jars!
  • SpiceShelf is the only patented mountable and detachable spice jar holder of its kind on the market! Store & ready to use in no time with its ability to mount to any size cabinet door or wall!
  • SpiceShelf is the perfect addition to your kitchen for adding spice to a quick stove top dinner or for managing your most popular spices while preparing that big holiday dinner for your family! Spice Jars are perfect for storing spices, blends, rubs, extracts and other household storage needs!
  • SpiceShelf is simple and easy to install. Install on a cabinet door, wall or any smooth flat surface in less than 30 seconds with the included Command Brand Strips. Easily removes from any surface without damage as well. Need to reinstall? No problem. Command Brand Strips are available for purchase at your local hardware store.
  • SpiceShelf includes 6 - 3oz glass spice jars with chrome plastic shaker cap. (1) SpiceShelf Tray, (1) Mounting Bracket, (4) Command Brand Strips, (1) Alcohol Pad and (2) Screws & (2) Anchors For Drywall Mount (optional). Also included is (24) of the Most Common Spice Labels for your Spice Jars!
  • Patented Space Saver. Make room on your counters for other appliances and gadgets. Mount SpiceShelf inside your cabinet or pantry and simply reach for the spices you actually need, when you need them!
  • SpiceShelf's durable and lightweight tray is dishwasher safe (top shelf) for easy clean-up. The included heavy-duty glass spice jars have a removable plastic top to allow the glass to be sent through the dishwasher as well.
  • Spiceshelf's transportable & lightweight design allows you to move the spices you need from counter to counter without dropping them instead of trips back and forth to the cabinet.


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