A new and improved take on traditional nunchucks!

  • Sealed Bearings
  • Smooth and Responsive
  • Better Swivel and Precision
  • Lights Up at Night
  • Unbreakable Construction


Utility Patent #10,731,944

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jay Struss of Woodland Park, CO has created a new and improved take on traditional nunchucks!

While on YouTube one day, Jay came across videos of people nunchucking. It seemed like a lot of fun, so he ordered a cheap pair to try out. Once they arrived, he looked up how to use nunchucks for beginners. Before he knew it, six months rolled around and he could not put them down! He carried them everywhere, even to work. However, his pair felt very sloppy to him. At the time, he was a mechanic at a motorcycle shop. While rebuilding an engine, a very small bearing fell out. That was his aha moment! He decided to build a new pair of nunchucks with a small sealed bearing for better swivel and precision.

SpeedChuks feature an innovative sealed bearing that is smooth and responsive, making them very fast. They are made from unbreakable material so you can smash, hit, whack, and slam them on any surface without worry of them cracking or breaking. To up the wow factor even more, you can illuminate them at night by simply inserting a glow stick for a full night of illumination. No wires or batteries are needed!

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