Specimen Cup Dispenser

A convenient new space-saving way for medical offices to store specimen cups.

  • Can Host Multiple Sizes of Specimen Cups
  • Wall Mounted or Can Be Hung on a Door
  • Optional Antiseptic Towelette Dispenser
  • Maintains Occupational Heath and Safety Standards
  • Will Be Ideal for Use in Clinics, Labs, Emergency Room Areas, and Acute Care Settings


Design Patent #D899,160

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Maureen Abbott of Canada has designed a convenient new space-saving way for medical offices to store specimen cups.

As a medical office assistant in an office with numerous physicians, Maureen interacts with a large volume of prenatal/pregnancy patients. They are always handing out specimen jars and antiseptic towelettes so the patients can provide them with urine samples. A basket at the front desk held about 20 jars and the staff would usually fill it up about 4 times a day. The basket was kept under the message book due to lack of space. It was frequently getting tipped over and was a real nuisance for the office staff. Maureen thought perhaps they could find a holder to mount on the wall but wasnt able to find anything suitable. In turn, she was inspired to develop the Specimen Cup Dispenser!

Now office assistants, nurses, lab techs, or any medical professional can stock specimen cups through an open top that allows the cups to be extracted through the dispensers base. The invention is simply mounted on a wall or hung on a door with an over-the-door hanger. This gets the specimen cups up off a front desk, where space is always limited. An optional antiseptic towelette dispenser can be attached to either side of the invention. Both dispensers can easily be wiped clean for infection control purposes. This will be perfect for clinics, labs, emergency room areas, and acute care settings.

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