Create a spa-like experience at home!

  • Dries User with Warm Air After Baths or Showers
  • No Towel Needed
  • Adjustable Fan Speed and Temperature for Maximum Comfort
  • Also Includes Moving Brush and Massager
  • Control All Functions Through an Intuitive Touch Screen Controller


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Story Behind the Invention

Discover Tech Inc. has developed an automated body drying system that also incorporates a lotion applicator with massage. Now you can have a spa-like experience right in your own bathroom!

After a busy day, a hot bath or shower followed by a quick massage can really promote quality sleep. Some like to turn on the heater after getting out of the shower. Applying lotion under hot air always provides relaxation. However, the process takes multiple steps between drying your hair, body, and feet with a towel before body lotion can be applied. Reaching all areas of the body can be a struggle, too. Body massage after a shower is a very popular spa service, but due to the high cost and inconvenience, many people forgo the spa. With all of this in mind, Discover Tech Inc. created an at-home body drying system with numerous spa-like enhancements.

The invention features hot air vents along both sides and back of the fixture to dry your body. A salon-style hairdryer will dry and style your hair after a bath or shower no towel necessary. You can adjust the fan speed and temperature for maximum comfort. An articulating brush head moves up and down and side-to-side while dispensing lotions, essential oils, or even sunscreen to your whole body, including your back. Replace the brush with a soft pad for lotion or oil. A massage head provides an instant post-shower massage, or there is a scrubber to exfoliate. Control one, two, or all three functions through an intuitive touch screen controller.

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