Spa Body Dryer

Now you can dry your entire body, including those hard-to-reach areas no towel needed!

  • Incredibly Convenient
  • Dries the Entire Body
  • Therapeutic and Calming Effect
  • Cool, Warm, and Hot Air Options
  • Lightweight and Easy to Transport


Utility Patent - 11,259,672

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lenell Henry of Vicksburg, MS has created a body dryer for drying your entire body, including those hard-to-reach areas no towel needed!

The idea was born while driving through a car wash and observing how the car was dried. We sit under a hair dryer to blow dry our hair. Lenell wondered why this couldnt be done with our bodies. In turn, Lenell was inspired to develop the Spa Body Dryer!

Once you finish bathing, step into the dryer and turn the blower on. The blower can be set to cool, warm, or hot air, based on your preference. Just like a blow dryer for your hair, the invention will thoroughly dry your body. As you dry, it offers a therapeutic and calming effect. After use, it is simply turned off until next time. It could not be easier or more convenient. The dryer was developed to be lightweight and easy to transport, if needed.

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