Sound Generating Beverage Container

The Sound Generating Beverage Container is an insulated drinking cup with integral sound and light capability.

  • Unique and Eye Catching Novelty Item
  • Produces Sounds like a Train Engine, Jet Engine, Animal Sound, a Catch Phrase, and More
  • Illuminates with LED Lights
  • Powered by a Single AA Battery
  • Multiple Styles and Colors Available


Utility Patent #10,213,032

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Renee Fontaine-Cole of Lake Wales, FL has created an insulated drinking cup with integral sound and glow light capability.

Upon initial observation, the invention looks like an insulated drinking cup but is actually a fun novelty alternative to cups people have seen a hundred times. The novelty item industry is a multibillion dollar global industry that is continually growing as more and more products are developed and introduced to the buying public. In turn, Inventor Fontaine-Cole has created the Sound Generating Beverage Container!

This clever new invention has a bottom mounted speaker that plays sounds like a train engine, jet engine, animal sound, a catch phrase, and more. It illuminates with LED lights. It is powered by a single AA battery contained with the handle. Multiple styles and colors are available.

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Additional Information

Inventor Fontaine-Cole thought of this invention over 25 years ago when her boys were in grade school. In her home, the family referred to a cup of coffee as "go go juice," and would pull the imaginary pull string on the cup to "start the motor" and make motor sounds, much to her children's delight. With today's technology, the old-school pull string has been replaced with a simple button. There are an endless variety of options with different sounds, corresponding pictures, as well as potential for movie/tv tie-ins. This is a fun product with limitless applications!


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