Solar-Powered Air Delivery System for a Welder’s Mask

Provides fresh air to the welders face as soon as the welding arc is struck!

  • Integral Air Supply System
  • Keeps Welders Cool During Welding Sessions
  • Also Keeps Welding Fumes Away From User’s Face
  • Does Not Require the Use of a Respirator Mask
  • Unit Can Be Mounted to Head Strap to Eliminate Having to Use a Belt


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dane Smit of Canada has created a welding helmet with a solar-powered system that provides fresh air to the face area and protects against welding fumes.

Dane has been a welder for most of his life and with new safety regulations becoming much stricter, wearing a respirator mask under a welding mask was getting extremely awkward and uncomfortable for him. Many welders agreed. Welding helmets in general are large and heavy. They retain heat and subject the wearer to overheating and toxic fumes. He just knew there had to be a better alternative for welders. In turn, he developed the Solar-Powered Air Delivery System for a Welders Mask!

This is a solar-powered system that fits onto any welding helmet. The solar panel uses heat-resistant adhesive tape and runs wires through a small hole drilled in an existing helmet, filtering the air using regular respirator filter cartridges. The power produced by the solar panel is wired to a blower motor that pulls air through the filter and pushes it through a diffuser system over the head of the welder and under the welding helmet. This provides clean breathing air and does not require the use of a respirator mask. There is an option to have the unit mounted to the head strap to eliminate having to use a belt. The Solar-Powered Air Delivery System for a Welders Mask will be a must-have for welders moving forward.

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