Snugglet Family

Snuggle them, cuddle them, hug them, they are The Love Ones.

  • Family Security System
  • Depicts the Importance of the Family Unit with Their Cute Home and Atmosphere
  • Provides A Level of Comfort for Children That They Need in Their Growing Years
  • Wholesome Clean Family Message of Love
  • Perfect Companion for Children as They Drift Off to Sleep
  • Can Even Be Worn on a Belt


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Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert James Lorizio created a family security system in Braintree, MA that also offers an important level of comfort for children -- something they need in their growing years!

Children need security now more than ever. In turn, Robert was inspired to design a powerful creation of old-fashioned family values. The Snugglets are not your average doll. They are truly one-of-a-kind creations handcrafted with care in New England.

Not only do they offer security in all situations, they also depict the importance of the family unit with their cute home and atmosphere. This is a wholesome clean family message of love that can be cherished all over the world. The dolls are tear-shaped with long arms, allowing them to do many things. They are very strong and durable. They can even be worn on a belt. After a day of fun, the Snugglets will be the perfect companion for children as they drift off to sleep. Endless accessories are possible.

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