Smoker Spice Tray

A convenient new holding tray for pellet smoker grills.

  • “L”-Shaped Design
  • Easy to Mount
  • Keeps Spices, Grilling Accessories, and Drinks Handy
  • Weather Resistant
  • Fits Most Brands of Pellet Smokers


Design Patent - D935,272

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Edwin Peterson of Willits, CA and Leo Kanugh of Gilbert, AR have designed a convenient new holding tray for pellet smoker grills.

Pellet smokers are becoming very popular. The boxes use hardwood pellets to impart a special smoked taste to meats, vegetables, and other foods. The boxes are typically housed in a hopper adjacent to the grill. Working together with the pellets are spices, which also add mouthwatering flavor. Many cooks may have up to a dozen different spices, all of which compete for limited storage space around the grill. Edwin was always placing his spices and a drink down on the pellet hopper lid. When the time came to add more pellets, he would have to move everything! Together, Edwin and Leo just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, they designed the Smoker Spice Tray!

The invention hangs on the back and side of the hopper area of a pellet smoker grill. Its L-shape allows it to be positioned on either side of the hopper. It is then held in place by clips that slide over the sides of the hopper and is further restrained by the hopper lid when closed. No longer will you have to move everything when it comes time to add more pellets to the smoker. You now have the ideal spot to keep spices, grilling accessories, or a drink. Any spills can be swept right out! The device also has hangers for utensils on the side.

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